About This Place
Happy, joyous and free! That’s what this place is about. In fact, this site has been created and designed to help anyone who has been adversely affected primarily by benzodiazepines, other psychotropic drugs and alcohol abuse get to a place of happiness, joy and freedom – no matter where you might be right now.
There, indeed, is such a place, and it is the mission of the caretaker of this site to take you by the hand and lead you far enough in that direction until you can see it in the distance, walk toward it on your own, and finally arrive on its shore. In time, there will hopefully be others to take your hand as well.
When this site was started, the caretaker posted “little stories” based on his own experiences on his way to happiness, joy and freedom. These posts are included in “The Hangout” section of the site. There are also two other basic sections of the site – “Other Stuff” and “Contact Us.”
About "The Hangout"
The Hangout is the “heart” of this website. It is hopefully designed as a place for you to come and hang out with the caretaker and others who have joined him – a place to sit, read and listen. It’s a place of total hope and health without a vestige of anything negative or alarming. There initially were three rooms in The Hangout – The Library, The Story Room and The Study. Two other rooms have been added since then - The Video Room and The Voice Within.             
About "The Library"
The Library is the room for you to come to and read stories of hope and encouragement that were written earlier in the caretaker’s recovery experience. These stories were originally posted on the website of another caretaker (Dr. Jenn) but are no longer available in that place. There are thirty-five stories in The Library.
About "The Story Room"
The Story Room is a more current version of The Library. The stories are more recent. Initially, the stories on its shelves will be fewer, having previously been written and posted elsewhere. As time passes, there will likely be many more stories written and placed on the shelves of this room.
About "The Study"
The Study differs markedly from The Library and The Story Room in its purpose and content. Initially, it was to serve as a place of contemplation, pondering and musing –  a place for you to sit with the caretaker while he “thought out loud” and gave his thoughts on questions or concerns you may have mentioned to him regarding stories you read from the two reading rooms or questions/concerns about your own experience. With the addition of The Video Room (where these questions and concerns are addressed and discussed verbally), The Study Room is not being used as initially intended and may be converted to another room in the future.       
About "The Video Room"
The Video Room is where you can go to watch and hear videos that the caretaker and others have recorded. These videos are about the caretaker's and others' experiences as well as things they have learned from those experiences. The topics will hopefully primarily address concerns and questions visitors email to the caretaker in the Contact Us section. 
 About "The Voice Within"
The Voice Within addresses the spiritual part of the caretaker's journey primarily through his withdrawal from benzodiazepines and other experiences related to his withdrawal. Through time, others will likely discuss their own spiritual experiences during their withdrawal in this room. This will probably be done primarily with videos (much like the videos in The Video Room) but may also include written text.       
About "Other Stuff"
Other Stuff is simply about other stuff. The content of this section will generally be related to the stories and contemplations existing in The Hangout. Initially, Other Stuff will include information about the book written by the caretaker and a draft of the “white paper” briefly mentioned in that book. A compendium or collection of benzodiazepine withdrawal success stories will also be in this section initially. Over time, other things will make their way into Other Stuff.
About "Contact Us"  
This is the section from which you can contact the caretaker with comments, questions, concerns, and whatever else you wish to communicate to him and others.  
About the Caretaker
The caretaker is a recovering alcoholic who drank for over forty years. During the last thirteen of those years, he also developed a dependency on benzodiazepines. He suffered benzodiazepine tolerance withdrawal for most of those thirteen years without knowing it and, after fast tapering from those drugs, endured nearly two years of withdrawal from them. There is much more to his story with respect to all the things that make up any person’s life. As you read the stories and listen to the videos from The Hangout, you will get to know the caregiver and his story more closely.
Most importantly, you will hopefully be encouraged and strengthened as you continue your own journey toward the happy, joyous and free life in which the caregiver now resides and has resided for over three years. It really does exist, and there is a place in it reserved for you!